Body Language + Non-Verbal Business Practices
We are carefully scrutinized in any engagement. Those small, innocent gestures in fact can limit your potential to arrive at a deal or foster a cooperative work environment. That’s why in this program, we will identify focus points for body language and non-verbal business practices that upon completion, the only moves you’ll ever make are a good business moves.

Business Etiquette
One’s conduct when dining is the centerpiece in any lunch or dinner meeting. To this end, we offer trainings for effective networking, tipping rules, gift-giving guidelines, and other social and professional etiquette. The session is a fun and immersive lunchtime session.

Presence, Poise And Power
Leadership is more than just one’s position at work. It is also the energy an individual exudes. Our expert modules can bring out the best and essential traits leaders must possess to command respect while being inspiring.

Image Management
Your image impacts your persona at the workplace or in any engagement. That’s why it’s important that you keep it well-kept and be useful to your advantage. Here, we will teach you with the secrets of styling, the business of confidence, and the economies of wardrobe versatility.

Self-promotion For Leaders
Why simply stand out from the competition when you can get ahead of them? Our Life Branding Consultants can clad leaders and leaders-to-be with the mastery of essential, charismatic self-promotion and persuasion skills that will transform the way you conduct business and generate leads.

Interpersonal Communication + Conflict Resolution
We understand how difficult it is to deal with confrontations, complaints, and other uncomfortable encounters in the workplace. That is why we’d like to share with you the language of conflict resolution and other key practices that can help you mitigate challenges with customers and colleagues. This is a valuable skill all managers must master.