Social media has been our go-to outlet for posting memorable occasions, touching quotes to inspire, sharing breaking news, announcing milestones, or even discussing issues of the day. The use of social media around the world is ever-increasing, and it's without a doubt, the Philippines ones rank in the highest users daily. According to a 2019 study of an independent marketing platform company, Emarsys, there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and currently, the number is still growing; equating to the about 42% of the current world population. While it is convenient to reach a vast audience instantly, we fail to realize that anytime we post, we have the responsibility not only to ourselves but also the company and family we represent.

So just a quick rundown of the five social media don'ts before you click post, remember:

1. Future employers check

Before you start using social media to your advantage, make sure it is not hurting your image. Delete or untag yourself from any questionable posts or pictures and post appropriate content. Control your privacy settings but make sure to keep some information public such as professional skills and employment information, so you are still searchable and relevant to hiring managers.

2. You complain about work

Ah, the very famous rant! Ranting about your company or co-workers/boss on social media has several grave implications such as being unprofessional and unequipped to deal with workplace issues objectively in the proper venue. Posting "I'm now open to new employers" - people now will start to wonder, if you do it to your current employer, what makes the next employer exempted from your behavior? Workplace problems are common, and it will do you more harm than good by venting in public.

3. You're all about selfies

Oh, we love our selfies, but if its consistently showing up minute by minute (check your feed), this may be inexcusable. It gives off a narcissistic impression and can seem unprofessional, especially if you mandate your employees to like your post, or the photos are in any way sexual in nature. This suggestive photos may be a red flag!

4. Anything vulgar and offensive

Avoid posting anything that may be vulgar and offensive to anyone. If for anything, this shows the level of maturity, lack of sophistication, and poor taste level. Making a joke about somebody being dead, or anything attacking religion, race, and culture is never cool.

5. It's all about being civil

There are always two sides to a coin. Avoid debating over controversial issues, and when you have to say your piece, do it in your feed and make sure it's respectable. Do not engage in arguments;  even if you don't agree with others, don't let it turn into a nasty case. Agree to disagree. Remember your views are not the only one out there. Be civil and always be respectful. 

While different platform serves a different purpose, know which one works for you.  It's also essential to have a consistent voice and style throughout all your social media profiles. You should be using social media to build yourself as a brand. Having a manifest and a constant social media presence that adds value and robust point of view creates a strong personal brand and presence.