“ …a fresh perspective on the importance of civility and professionalism in the workplace. Our associates felt privileged and excited to apply the learning to their day-to-day.”
- Human Resources Group, UCPB


Building Successful Workplace Relationships
A dynamic discussion with a focus on understanding the cost of rudeness in business.

We put RESPECT in the workplace because incivility costs! There is an evident huge decline in respectful conduct in business, social and global settings which is why the near absence of the standards of behavior and formal education and training in manners, character and conduct is definitely a cause of concern. Civility is a code of conduct based on RESPECT, RESTRAINT and RESPONSIBILITY in our behavior towards each other, the environment and animals that is the center of all good relationships.

Includes: 4 E’s Rule, Dr. P. M Forni’s 25 Rules on Civility and more.

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