“… provided much insight and learning that is the embodiment of reinventing oneself. What we learned is not a mere facade that one displays in a specific situation, but approaches with a more holistic dimension that transcends one’s self beyond the working environment.”
- Jonathan E. Dugenia, Head of Service Management Division, Globe Telecom, Inc.

Your image impacts your persona at the workplace or in any engagement. That’s why it’s important that you keep it well-kept and be useful to your advantage. Here, we will teach you with the secrets of styling, the business of confidence, and the economies of wardrobe versatility.


This workshop will teach you the fundamental ways on how to take care of yourself. Professional appearance is the first step to creating that positive first impression. This creates respect and an impact in your workplace, giving you a clear advantage in gaining trust.


Have you ever been invited to an event but end up not going because you don’t know what to wear? Have you ever wondered what Casual Fridays really mean? This workshop will show the different facets of dressing: from formal to casual; from business to lifestyle. These are important tools as it gives you an advantage in nailing that positive first impression!


Leadership is more than just one’s position at work. It is also the energy an individual exudes. Our expert modules can bring out the best and essential traits leaders must possess to command respect while being inspiring. We are carefully scrutinized in any engagement. In fact, those small, innocent gestures can limit your potential arrive at a deal or foster cooperative work environment. This program allows us to identify focus points for body language and non-verbal business practices that upon completion, the only moves you’ll ever make are good business moves!